Imperfection of Western Indology (pace Fosse)

Lars Martin Fosse l.m.fosse at
Thu Sep 4 20:10:48 UTC 1997

>INDOLOGY> In (negative prefix) + do (action), thus = inactive + log
>(inactive piece of wood) >> Inactive as an inactive piece of wood. Without
>action there is no progress, etc. ....    quod erat deomonstrandum
>Jonathan Silk

Thank you Jonathan, I think we are getting in deeper and deeper here.
However, you forgot to explain the y. This letter is, of course, pronounced
why, "indology" should there be understood to mean "why is the piece of wood
inactive?". I will suggest that the "piece of wood" is actually a secret
reference to the world tree, the skambha, which doesn't move. The answer to
the question "not-do-log-why" must therefore be: Because it is the support
of ALL. (What else does the skambha do?) The term "indology" is therefore a
cryptic description of the all-supporting, can't-do-without-it character of
our scholarship, which is the skambha of all intellectual activities
concerning Sanskrit. 

An imperfect log, but a log indeed!

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