Imperfection of Western Indology (pace Fosse)

jonathan silk silk at
Thu Sep 4 22:30:23 UTC 1997

Yes, I "forgot" the y. But of course, it cannot have been an error, but
instead revealed something very essential about language and reality itself
(or Reality I should write). Thus, one can certainly read with Lars that
Indology *is* the axis mundi itself, and therefore the support of ALL, as
he so rightly says. But at the same time, because the omission of the y is
both correct and an omission, Indology is also a non-tree. The so-called
can't-do-without-it character of our scholarship is at the same time a cry
for freedom from our scholarship, a cry for inaction, and thus of course --
as Eliade has taught us -- a return to the beginning time before time.
Thus Indology is both the sine qua non for the world itself, and yet the
cause of the return of the world to the original nothingness, the oceanic
beginning. Vide Eliade, Jung, Campbell and (perhaps our erstwhile colleague
Masson?) et al. I think this has well illustrated how once we free
ourselves from the idiotic restraints of Western colonial philological (and
no doubt also male, genophobic -- one could go on, I am sure!) logic we can
easily discover the overarching "field theory" of culture!

(I forgot to mention another discovery -- that Indology is also the same as
O! Go Lindy! -- indicating without any doubt that ancient Indian scientists
not only invented the airplane, but knew that Lindy would be the first
across the Atlantic!)

Jonathan Silk

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