Message to Prof. Parpola

Lars Martin Fosse l.m.fosse at
Thu Sep 4 18:36:11 UTC 1997

I have tried to reach Prof. Parpola using his own email address twice, but
my emails bounce. Therefore I try Indology.

Dear Prof. Parpola,

concerning the dwindling circulation of Acta Orientalia: May I suggest that
you consider creating a subscription for private individuals that is cheaper
than the one paid by institutions (e.g. about 200 kroner / USD 25). Symbolae
Osloenses, which presumably has similar problems, is now offering individual
subscriptions at the price of NOK 195,- as against "normal" subscriptions at
NOK 320,-. Such a policy might help to keep the number of subscriber above
the magical number of 200.

Best regards,

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