Faith in Hinduism

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Mon Sep 1 23:40:15 UTC 1997

In a message dated 8/14/97 5:19:36 AM, John Powers wrote:

<<A student of mine is doing a research project on the role (fi any) of faith
in Hinduism, both (or either) classical and contemporary. I really can't
think of any sources that discuss this topic, but if anyone else can, I'd
greatly appreciate it if you could share them. I'll pass them on to my

Most of the replies to this question have suggested books about "devotion"
(bhakti), rather than faith. Assuming that Mr. Powers student really is
working on  "the role of faith in Hinduism," then he might have a look at The
Concept of SraddhA, by K. L. Seshagilre Rao, if he can find it.

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