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Tanmoy Bhattacharya t.bhattacharya at
Mon Sep 1 18:05:09 UTC 1997

the benifit of other SA related list members, hope it's of some use to some
of you. Thanks. -- Tanmoy

P.S. If you'd like to become a member of SALON, pl send an email request to
amit.sood at
Dear SALON members,
The first issue of The SALON Newsletter is coming out soon. We'll welcome
(from members and non-members) 300-400 word notes for the following sections:
        (1) Work in Progress (related to SA Lgs)
        (2) Squib (small probs related to SA lgs)
        (3) Confce notices (SA Lgs)
        (4) Anything else outside these sections but related to SA Lingx
DEADLINE: Sept 7, 1997
NOTE: So far, we've a list of 7 individuals who'll receive multiple copies
for further distribution; countries include India, USA, Canada & Germany. If
you're located outside these (but not UK) and would like to distribute
copies within your region, please send me your mailing address. Please keep
in mind that we've no funds at all (at present I bear all prodn and mailing
costs) when asking for copies for distribn.

For the second issue, we particularly welcome interviews (800-900 words)
with senior linguists working (worked) with SA lgs to make their views
accessible to the NewGen. If the word limit is too restricting, send us your
piece anyway, we'll serialise it. Also, enclose (preferably) a B&W photo if
poss. If you'd rather send your stuff by reg mail, here's the add:
        Tanmoy Bhattacharya
        Flat 12, 11 Endsleigh Gardens,
        London WC1H 0EH, UK

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