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Marie Genevieve Guesdon marie-genevieve.guesdon at BNF.FR
Tue Nov 25 13:33:34 UTC 1997

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>On Mon, 15 Sep 1997 11:04:35 +0100 Dominik Wujastyk <ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK> wrote:
>>>A particularly subversive new feature (could
>be very tempting sometimes) is that you can instruct listserv not to send
>you messages with a particular subject line.  In effect, you can censor
>your own subscription!
>And Trimble <gldnreef at PRIMENET.COM> wrote:
>>>Is "absurd nirukta" a possible subject heading?
>What one would also need is an option to exclude messages from certain senders.
>This would also stimulate the self-censoring faculty which most scholars are
>expected to have, since writing too many/long weird messages will at some point
>become counter-productive.
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