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>On Thu, 11 Sep 1997, Vidyasankar Sundaresan wrote:
>> Caukhamba Samskrta Siriza Aphisa (Series Office),
>> Gita/Niranayasagara/Bharati Presa (Press),
>> Di Sankara Hal enda Sankara Institiut aph Philasaphi enda Kalcar
>> (The Sankara Hall and Sankara Institute of Philosophy and Culture)
>> Shouldn't Western libraries think of ways to identify English words
>> written in Indian scripts, and rewrite them in standard English
>> spelling? An exception needs to be made only in the case of Akademi
>> (as in Sangeet Natak Akademi).
>I don't see harm in it. One of the main principles of book
>cataloging is -- as I understand it -- to represent the titlepage
>as it is and not what should be there. If the title is printed in
>Indian characters it makes sense to reproduce them in Roman
>transliteration and in a standardized way. With "aphisa" and
>"presa" and the like, though it might look funny at first sight.
>Of course the names of publishers or the series are not essential
>parts of the title like the author or the title of the work
>itself. But I think it breaks the principle of making a uniform
>transliteration of the title when changing "incorrect" to
>"correct" forms. You will never know where to begin and where to
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