Indo-Japanese Symposium

Muneo Tokunaga g53772 at SAKURA.KUDPC.KYOTO-U.AC.JP
Tue Nov 25 01:27:50 UTC 1997

> From Muneo Tokunaga,

Man errs.
I ask you not to shut down Indogoly.
The Net has long been an important and indispensable tool for our

>I agree that Prof. Tokunaga's statement was
>controversial, and strongly worded.

>There is a very real possibility that INDOLOGY will cease to be of
>interest to professional indologists unless the forum's guidelines are
>adhered to.  I have no "religious" committment to the forum: I am quite
>happy to shut it down if it ceases to be useful and interesting (and
>occasionally funny, I hope). The guidelines are prominently displayed on
>the forum's web site.

>All the best,

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