Repeat Kudo's

JR Gardner jgardner at BLUE.WEEG.UIOWA.EDU
Sun Nov 23 23:47:55 UTC 1997

With the understandable ongoing concern for quality of dialogue on the
list, I wanted to return the readers' attention to the many phases of
valuable dialogue which have occured and the great service Dominik and
his team have done for everyone in making them available.

Dominik's searchable archives of the Indology list are simply outstanding.
They were announced sometime back, but the usability of them is truly a
powerful scholarly tool which warrants repeat notice.  It is not only easy
to use, but the results enable you to scroll back and forth across a topic
by sequence-- OR by author (to sort out anyone whose views might be too
tiresome).  Please consider using this resource, it is a very powerful,
easy-to-use, artful tool:

And, if you need to know accepted protocol for citing electronic
resources, check the links at

 . . .now, if I could just get such a search engine for Vedavid . . .

Enjoy the coming days of vacation and, if it suits, holiday celebrations.

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than that of which it is the transformation.

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