INDOLOGY (Was: Etymon: paTTaN)

Ramalingam Shanmugalingam AppuArchie at AOL.COM
Sun Nov 23 17:22:24 UTC 1997

Dear Dr. Dominik Wujastik,
      I did not mean to provoke a class or is it Dravidian Aryan wrestling. I
wanted to pass on an information I had about knowing Dravidian from Aryan or
vice versa. My source was no less a person than Dr. S. Ilakkuvanar, a
linguist, a distinguished Tamil scholar. Tamils believe that an intimate
knowledge of 'Tholkappiyam' is essential to know Tamil history. I am in the
process of writing a treatise on that subject. Incidentally, my private Thank
you note to Dr. Palaniappan was inadvertantly sent to all as I had a few
E-mail in my Flash Out Tray. I tried to Unsend it with no success. I am sure
such a cause for concern will not be repeated. If I gathered it right, I am
not solely responsible for the drop if any, in the standard of the debate in
Indology. Thank you. Ramalingam Shanmugalingam. Nov. 23, 1997.

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