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In addition to the works by Dwyer and Cardona already mentioned, there
are some other materials that are worth looking it. H.M. Lambert's
GUJARATI LANGUAGE COURSE (Cambridge University Press, 1971)
was for years the most commonly used Gujarati language text.  It is long
out of print, but it may be possible to find a used copy somewhere.  The
major drawback with this text is that transliteration is used throughout
most of the book, with Gujarati script introduced only in the end and in
the answer key to translation exercises.  Lambert also wrote an
MARATHI, GUJARATI AND BENGALI (Oxford University Press, 1953). The section
on Gujarati script (pp.134-70) is excellent.

Also worth looking at (if you can find a copy) is George P. Taylor's THE
STUDENT'S GUJARATI GRAMMAR.  My copy is a 1944 revision (by Edith R.L.
Lewis, published by the Mission Press, Surat) of the third edition. The
first edition came out in 1893.  Although it is obviously quite dated,
the book provides exceptionally good coverage of Gujarati morphological

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On Tue, 18 Nov 1997, John Smith wrote:

> On Mon, 17 Nov 1997, Rolf Heiner Koch wrote:
> > Where can I learn Gujarati in Europe? Is there any
> > book for an experienced Sanskritist to learn
> > Gujarati?
> > Thanks
> > HH
> You can do Gujarati at SOAS in London. Rachel Dwyer, the lecturer there,
> has also published a Teach Yourself Gujarati book, but it might not be the
> sort of thing you are looking for. (At the other extreme there is
> Cardona's Gujarati Reference Grammar, a no-holds-barred technical
> treatise.) I suggest you get in touch with Rachel and ask her for
> suggestions. She is rd3 at
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