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Ravi R. Iyer ravi at TAMU.EDU
Wed Nov 12 18:42:26 UTC 1997

Dear Dr. Deshpande:
I forwarded your request for the chaturvedi contact information to my
friend. It appears that he would prefer to consult his guru before
revealing his contact information.
This is his response:

>With regards to my tutor, he is very averse to any kind
>of investigation in to vedic issues. He may respond favorably; my father
>any how be consulting him and he could ask him first. Then we could get the
>     -A
>aravind iyer (aravind at

I urge you to correspond with aravind regarding this.

With regards

>This is a very interesting posting.  When AV is recited by those reciters
>whose own Vedic affiliation is something other than AV, this has some
>possible impact on the transmission of the AV.  I have discussed a few
>such cases of the RV impact on AV in my forthcoming edition of the
>Shaunakiiya Caturaadhyaayikaa (in HOS).  It would be interesting and
>important to see how the AV recitation in YV style may have some important
>consequences.  RAVI, could you plese give me some names and addresses of
>these reciters, so that I could contact them during my visit to India?  I
>am currently editing the Jatapatha of the AV (kandas 15, 17) and
>Kramapatha (kanda 20) on the basis of three mss, and it would be useful if
>any of the reciters you mention continue to recite these VikRitis.
>        Madhav Deshpande
>On Thu, 6 Nov 1997, Ravi R. Iyer wrote:
>> Hi All:
>> Just a few thoughts on the living tradition of the Atharva veda:
>> 1. A friend of mine who has learned portions of the AV (he has put his
>> vedic studies on hold while he gets a Phd in Biology) in Pune tells me
>> that there are quite a few Chaturvedis, who are not taken into account
>> while tallying the number of AV adherents. He in fact learned from a
>> south indian Chaturvedi, whose shaakha of birth was the taittriya YV.
>> 2. Most of these chaturvedis follow the Paippalada school.
>> 3. Traditionally, these south Indian chaturvedis have chanted the AV in
>> the T. AV style.
>> 4. Furthermore, he tells me that there are also quite a few Dvivedis and
>> Trivedis (his family is a trivedi family, having the odd combination of
>> Rig, Yajur and Atharvan) who are well versed in the AV.
>> Any thoughts on this?
>> -Ravi

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