Bibliography software; cross-platform-ness

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Sun Nov 2 16:24:14 UTC 1997

I use BibTeX and LaTeX, which is a powerful combination.  There is a LaTeX
package called custom-bib which makes it particularly easy to set up
different BibTeX definition files for different journal styles.

As Anshuman has said, BibTeX and TeX are cross-platform tools, so whatever
computer system you use, today or tomorrow, you can carry your documents
forward without alteration.

I also use ProCite, which is a powerful bibliographic data manager and is
available under DOS, Windows, and on the Mac.  A very good package.

I also use Library Master, which is DOS, but a Windows version is either
out, or coming very soon.

Both ProCite and Library Master are commercial products, and have web

There are also some web pages dedicated to bibliographical software of
this type, which include reviews and comparisons.

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