a simple (silly?) question (was Re: Metric Melodies)

jacob.baltuch at euronet.be jacob.baltuch at euronet.be
Sat May 31 00:11:13 UTC 1997

>Howard mentions that the
>only Nambudiri in Varanasi, to his knowledge, involved
>with the Vedas is a scholar in one of the Sanskrit
>colleges in the city... and even he belongs to the
>"OttilAta" sub-sect of Nambudiris who are not allowed
>to receive the Vedas in the (oral) traditional manner.

(You mean sub-caste?)

I'm confused by the expression "to receive the vedas".

I thought that meant that the child after being
"confirmed" was taught the vedas, which in principle
applies to ksatriyas and vaizyas as well?

Here are you using it as meaning to have a tradition of
transmission of the veda within the same jati?

Should one distinguish the way in which the general
public receive the vedas (those people being brahmans,
ksatriyas or vaizyas) from the way those (exclusively
brahman) jatis which specialize in the transmission
of the vedas receive the vedas?

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