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Fri May 30 14:00:51 UTC 1997

At 01:17 30.5.1997, Adi Hastings wrote:
>On Thu, 29 May 1997, George Thompson wrote:
>> I'm prepared to be cordial. But let's be honest also. This is not about
>> science and religion. It's about Howard's religion, and he doesn't want me
>> to talk about it.
>> Fine. I won't talk about Howard's religion. I'll talk about Vedic,
>> kRNo'mi satya'm Uta'ye...
>> George
>This anecdote is not entirely relevant, but it does touch on some of
>the matters discussed in the current thread.
>  When I was an undergraduate, a Sanskrit professor of mine said to me:
>"Well, Max Mueller's theory of Rig Vedic religion being originally a cult
>of the sun makes complete sense if you realize that he got up every
>morning at the crack of dawn. He was one of those people who would today
>call people up on the phone at 7 in the morning!"

I even read somewhere that MM himself was an active sun-worshipper. In any
case he was immersed in the very same romantic milieu where Asconan
sun-cult originated.


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