Metric Melodies

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Fri May 30 16:15:52 UTC 1997

Ten days ago I posted a query on where I might find recordings of the
melodies attached to various metres.  This morning, I happened upon the title:

__Vedic Recitation in Varanasi__, Wayne Howard.  Motilal Banarsidass, 1986.

This volume purports to have "musical transcriptions of various recitations
modes" -- whatever that means.  I assume the "musical transcriptions" are in
Western notation.  Though this survey would only include the practice in
Benares and only Vedic metres, perhaps it would be useful to other members
of the list with a similar interest.
A comparison of different styles of recitation over different regions and
vernaculars might help address some of the questions raised in the recent
dicussion over the "true" pronunciation of Sanskrit.  


W. Trimble

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