agni & dhRSTi- in the Veda

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Thu May 29 22:47:47 UTC 1997

At 19:36 +0200 29/05/97, B. Reusch wrote:
>At 7:23 +0100 5/29/97, Dominique.Thillaud wrote:
>>	dhRS- is 'to dare' but Vedic dhRSTi- is fire tongue.
>Sorry I can't follow you here. On dhRSTi- Mayrhofer says "nicht klar" and
>Grassmann seems to give no citation.
>Perhaps some of the Vedic scholars on the list may help.

	I hope, but:
	1) I read in Mayrhofer's KEWA, s.v. dhRSTiH m. Feuerzange / fire-tongs.
	2) That's not very important because agnisamadyuti exists in MBh
about DhRSTadyumna. If you prefer 'staying in fire-light with boldness', I
can agree.

Dominique THILLAUD
Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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