Science and beliefs (was: the gods)

pgm P.G.Moore at
Thu May 29 10:21:29 UTC 1997

	First: science is not value-neutral, but constitutes itself a value-system
	and a world-view operating under a set of premises that are agreed-upon
	rather than 'given', that may or may not be in conflict with other systems
	of world-explanation.

I am afraid there is a confusion here.  Some scientists may *think*
that science involves or can deliver a world-view, but in fact this
is incompatible with the nature of science, which is an endlessly
corrigible process of questioning and enquiry, whose progress in
the accumulation of knowledge and framing of new hypotheses is bought
at the cost of never getting stuck within a particular view of

That said, it is of course reasonable to say that some world-views
may be more hospitable to science than others, and even that some scientific
discoveries (or methods) may seem more compatible with some world-
views than others.

Peter Moore

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