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On Tue, 27 May 1997, Adi Hastings wrote:

> I'm looking for bibliographical references on Sanketi Tamil, a dialect
> spoken in parts of Karnataka. I've uncovered one or two essays (by H. S.
> Ananthanarayana) dealing with sound changes, but is there anything of
> greater scope (a grammar, for instance)? Any assistance would be
> appreciated.

There are only articles on Sanketi Tamil phonology, verbal and nominal 

Kempe Gowda, K
Phonology of Sanketi Dialect.
In: Proceedings of the Third All India Conference of Dravidian Linguists.
Dharwad. 1976. pp. 184-213

Ananthanarayana, H.
Nominal derivation in Sanketi Tamil.
In: International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics 5:1.
Trivandrum. 1976. pp. 108-113

Ananthanarayana, H.
The Verb Morphology of Sanketi Tamil.
In: Journal of Tamil Studies 27.
Madras 1985, pp. 14-21

Ananthanarayana, H.
Case System and methathesis in Sanketi Tamil.
In: Agesthialingom, S. and Kushalappa Gowda (eds.)
Dravidian case System.
Annamalainagar: Annamalai University. 1976. pp. 241-262 

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