Jains and violence

Lars Martin Fosse l.m.fosse at internet.no
Mon May 26 22:08:29 UTC 1997

>It would certainly be useful for you to take a look on the question of
>conflict between non-violence ideals and warfare as a political necessity
>also from a Buddhist perspective. It is often remarked that Buddhism has a
>better record than other religions wrt atrocities committed in the name of
>religion, though there are exceptions, like king Mindon Min of Tathon (now
>in Burma) who went to war to get hold of a copy of the Tipitaka!
>I would be very interested in whatever you can find out on the Jain side of
>the question, btw.

My primary interest is in cosmology/cosmogony, although I also take an
interest in Arthashastra. As for politics and violence, I know of very few
if any religions that have made it beyond being a small-time sect that were
able to contain violence in politics, even if they in principle wanted to.
Christianity is a case in point, but I can hardly see that Buddhist and
Jaina kings were able to contain violence in the highly competitive world of
South Asian politics. Realizing religious ideals are usually the job of
specialists, e.g. monks or nuns, or the odd idealistic layman. 

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