Jains and violence

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At 10:24 26.5.1997 +0100, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

>Thank you Royce! This should get me started. I assume the 1981 book has the
>relevant bibliographic information concerning scholarly work older than
>1980. Info on newer scholarly work would still be welcome if any of you
>netters should happen to know about it!

It would certainly be useful for you to take a look on the question of
conflict between non-violence ideals and warfare as a political necessity
also from a Buddhist perspective. It is often remarked that Buddhism has a
better record than other religions wrt atrocities committed in the name of
religion, though there are exceptions, like king Mindon Min of Tathon (now
in Burma) who went to war to get hold of a copy of the Tipitaka!

I would be very interested in whatever you can find out on the Jain side of
the question, btw.


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