Jains and violence

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>Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

>While we are on the subject of Jains, does anybody know about Jain
>cosmologies/cosmogonies/sociogonies? I am interested in a) references to
>scholarly books about such themes, and b) references to Jaina scriptures
>treating these themes.

In addition to what my friend Eiichi has suggested I would add that the
best overall scholarly treatment of Jain cosmography is still probably:

        Willibal Kirfel

        Die Kosmographie der Inder : nach Quellen dargestellt.
        Bonn : Kurt Schroeder, 1920.
        [Reprint: Hildesheim : Georg Olms, 1967.]

His references are to older editions, generally unavailable, but maybe in
Hamburg you can see all those editions still. On p. 208-209 he gives a list
of the main scriptural sources (Svetambara and Digambara).

Then there is

        Ravi Kumar and Collette Caillat. 1981.
        The Jain cosmology.
        Basel : R. Kumar, 1981.

with colour reproductions of many illustrations (cosmographical and
otherwise) from Jain technical manuscripts ...

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