D. D. Kosambi's works

Gabriele Zeller gabriele.zeller at ub.uni-tuebingen.de
Mon May 26 13:59:55 UTC 1997

Dear Sreenivas,
I checked the works at our card catalogue - they are all in 
Tuebingen! To avoid further complications with your 'Fernleihe' 
please TELL the people in your library to send the orders directly to 
the Sondersammel-Gebiet in Tuebingen. Here are the shelf numbers:
Myth and reality : studies in the formation of Indian culture 
(Popular Prakashan, Bombay, 1962 & Sangam Books, London, 1983)
(21=Tuebingen) 10 A 6517

> Also, I see the following three commemoration volumes in Kosambi's honour, 
> in US on-line catalogues, but not in German ones. Your help in acquiring these 
> four books in Germany is highly appreciated.
 1. D. D. Kosambi commemoration volume / chief editor, Lallanji Gopal 
 editors, Jai Prakash Singh, Nisar Ahmad & Dipak Malik.  Varanasi  
 D. D. Kosambi Commemoration Committee, Banaras Hindu University, 
(21) 18 B 479
 2. Indian society : historical probings, in memory of D. D. Kosambi 
/ edited  by R. S. Sharma in collaboration with Vivekanand Jha.  2d 
ed.  New Delhi People's Pub. House, 1977, c1974
(21) 16 A 7457

 3. Science and human progress : essays in honour of late Prof. D. D. 
Kosambi, scientist, indologist, and humanist / [Prof. D. D. 
Kosambi Commemoration  Committee] ; foreword by V. V. Giri.  Bombay : 
Popular Prakashan, 1974
(21) 16 A 3323

> P.S. I could find the following commemoration volume in a micro-fiche catalogue:
> 	Dr. D.D. Kosambi memorial volume : Festschrift
> 	Ed. P.V. Kane, Bombay, Asiatic Society, 1970, 304s.
This is part of the 
Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bombay; N.S. 43/44 
and therefore should be ordered as such. That Journal you should find 
in your state as well. If you must, you can order the volume from us, 
shelf number (21) Ci I 1b-43/44

So, I hope this helps.
So long
Dr Gabriele Zeller
Universitaetsbibliothek Tuebingen
Wilhelmstr. 32
72016 Tuebingen


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