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Dominique wrote:

>At 11:46 +0200 19/05/97, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:
>>Nice to see some mathematics on this channel! Actually, I think that your
>>observation is well worth looking into. The number 3 is sacred, and the
>>ancient Indians (and not only them) had a thing for mystique. Indologists
>>with an interest in mathematics or numerology might find something of
>>interest here.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>	I'm sorry but that's not mathematics, just elementary arithmetic
>and the numerology is a pseudo-science without any rapport with mathematics.

Very well! I thought arithmetic was a branch of mathematics, I apologize for
my ignorance.

>	The combinations of few arithmetical operators with any numbers are
>so numerous that we can find easily many 'miraculous' properties.

That may be a good reason to investigate them! Even if we think such
properties are trivial, the ancients may not have thought so.

>	Give me any number and in few time I'll proof it is 'sacred', I'll
>predict your future and show it is linked to a fundamental physical

I thought it might be.... Actually, the question is not what modern people
think about numerology (there are some who believe in it), but what people
thought in ancient times. As for "sacred" numbers, in Indo-European cultures
there are the numbers 3, 7 and 9 that are all invested with special
meanings. 7 represents the orifices of the head, 9 the orifices of the whole
body. Read Eric Pirart's paper on the subject which I quoted a few emails ago!

>	Else I'll pay you 10 $ for an akvavit to my health!

Unhappily, due to the exorbitant prices on alcohol in Norway, there is
little Aquavit to be had for 10 dollars. (You may at best get 4 cl in a
restaurant). But I always cherish the thought of an Aquavit, and as we say
here: It is the thought that counts!

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