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Mon May 19 19:45:33 UTC 1997


Surely 7 is NOT a sacred number, Dominique.  

(Actually a ruse to get you to "proof it is 'sacred', and "predict my
future and show it is linked to a fundamental physical constant." Great
fun!  Last time I encountered this was in a touristy area of Delhi and I
had to shell out Rs.50 to write down a number (1-100) on a slip of paper.
But it was well worth it for the next half hour of entertainment.  The guy
was a marvellous "mathematician".) 

On Mon, 19 May 1997, Dominique.Thillaud wrote:
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> At 11:46 +0200 19/05/97, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:
> >Nice to see some mathematics on this channel! Actually, I think that your
> >observation is well worth looking into. The number 3 is sacred, and the
> >ancient Indians (and not only them) had a thing for mystique. Indologists
> >with an interest in mathematics or numerology might find something of
> >interest here.      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> 	I'm sorry but that's not mathematics, just elementary arithmetic
> and the numerology is a pseudo-science without any rapport with mathematics.
> 	Mathematics in India are represented by many very good scholars, as
> RAghavan NarasiMhan from Bombay, laureat of the Fields Medal (the eqivalent
> of the Nobel for the mathematicians).
> 	The combinations of few arithmetical operators with any numbers are
> so numerous that we can find easily many 'miraculous' properties.
> 	Give me any number and in few time I'll proof it is 'sacred', I'll
> predict your future and show it is linked to a fundamental physical
> constant.
> 	Else I'll pay you 10 $ for an akvavit to my health!
> Friendly,
> 	Dominique
> Dominique THILLAUD
> Universite' de Nice Sophia-Antipolis, France

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