hair's colour in sanskrit

Lars Martin Fosse l.m.fosse at
Wed May 7 18:42:27 UTC 1997

>>for the relevant colour + keshin (or something to that effect. A more
>>interesting question is if Indians differentiate between hair colour
>>variations in Europeans. Are we all "fair", or do Indians see the difference
>>of various shades of brown, yellow, red etc.?

>It seems the obsession with skin and hair shades is only Western 

That in itself is of course an interesting observation. Although I would
deny that the obsession with skin colour is only western. According to what
African acquaintances have told me, they take an interest in various shades
of black and brown. And as for India - well, read Midnight's Children and
see what Rushdie has to say on the subject. But hair colour? I think that
may very well be a Western obsession. Here in Norway, we bewail our fate if
we are so unlucky as to have "municipality-coloured hair" (a particularly
lack-lustre shade of light brown), whereas golden, blonde hair, or deep
brown or jet black are hair colours you can show off to the world. 

>Dominique's outburst about  the lack of response does not make sense to
>me. Similarly while Western culture including  the  bible is so obsessed
>with homosexuality there is no such attention paid in Indian literature

Yes there is. In the Kama Sutra. Although not so negative an attention as in
the Bible. 

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Lars Martin Fosse

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