Bitstream charter csx font and Word 97

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Fri May 2 10:13:42 UTC 1997

At 02:17 2.5.1997 +0100, James Egge wrote:
>I have found that not only does Windows 97 fail to handle the Bitstream
>Charter and Utopia CSX fonts, but the same problems arise with the Normyn
>and Nina fonts.  Using Times New Roman and substituting in individual
>characters from one of these fonts is a workable but imperfect solution.
>Microsoft's new extended character set (WGL4) adds a few characters of use
>for transliterating Sanskrit: vowels with macrons and s with acute accent,
>but of course it lacks a number of characters.  WGL4 is also not compatible
>with some printers.
>On a more general note is it not depressing that upgrades to software often
>seem to create as many problems as they solve?
>Yes.  It's also depressing that Microsoft wouldn't bother to insure that
>their fonts could be used to write words like r.g, moks.a, and duh.kha.

Become Macintosh users, and you won't have to worry any more! The Mac is
generally much more robust for all kinds of graphic applications, including
font handling, which is very smooth indeed. It is also relatively easy to
create new special fonts -- though it of course takes the right software...


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