Bitstream charter csx font and Word 97

Peter Friedlander astpf at LURE.LATROBE.EDU.AU
Thu May 1 23:31:39 UTC 1997

Dear list members, are you using Bitstream charter csx font and Word 97?

A friend tells me that the Bitstream charter csx font with diacritic marks
no longer works in Word 97 for windows. Due I suspect to a some changes made
by Microsoft in how fonts are handled.

Is anyone else is experiencing this problem?

I ask this because I compiled the font which is in the Indology archive and
if this problem is general would like to replace it with a new version that
works even in Word 97.

On a more general note is it not depressing that upgrades to software often
seem to create as many problems as they solve?
Dr Peter G Friedlander
Department of Asian Studies
La Trobe University
Bundoora 3084
tel:(03) 9479 2064

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