(Fwd) query: Gita tapes

Anand Venkt Raman A.Raman at massey.ac.nz
Mon Mar 31 19:09:19 UTC 1997

>The Music Today series produced in India and frequently advertised in 
>such places as India Today has recently produced recordings of both 
>Bhagavadgita and Kalidasa's Meghaduta.  I haven't heard either yet but 
>these folks tend to do good work.

Quite the contrary in my experience.  I had bought audio cassettes
on two occasions on two different trips to India (more than 50 or
so of them) and am sad to say that of the 50, perhaps  3 or 4 only
were of acceptable quality.  They only tend to do a good job of
advertising and packaging their tapes attractively, with an informative
blurb within each one.  Two friends of mine to whom I had initially
wrongly recommended this company reported similar experiences with
Music Today.  Sangeeta or HMV seem to do an immensely better job
and are also value for money.

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