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Sat Mar 29 19:52:24 UTC 1997

Does anyone know of recent sources for information regarding the Vra-tyas?
I've listed the sources I'm aware of below, but they're all rather old and
I've had difficulty finding any new information in journals or recently
published books. These sources are also rather sketchy about the actual
literary and/or archeological sources for their stated theories about the
Vra-tya and their relationship (or identity with) the Maga and/or Dravidians.

1. Sastri, Absorption of the Vratyas, 1926
2. Karmarkar, The Religions of India: The Vratya or Dravidian Systems, 1950
3. Choudhary, The Vratyas in Ancient India, Banaras, 1964

There are mentions in more recent overviews and general histories, but they
all seem to refer back to these three sources or the (somewhat scant)
information in the Vedas themselves.

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