(Fwd) query: Gita tapes

mgansten at sbbs.se mgansten at sbbs.se
Sat Mar 29 21:46:19 UTC 1997

>Would you know where I could find out about audio tape
>recordings of the Bhagavad Gita? My sister (who studies Sanskrit) is
>looking for something with a real Indian pandit reading (or chanting)
>in Sanskrit, with no musical background. 

I don't have any answers to David's query, I'm afraid, but would appreciate
if those who do would care to share them with the list. Some of my Sanskrit
students have expressed similar desires for audio tapes with Sanskrit
reading -- not necessarily of the Gita, but in any case of some
not-too-unusual text, so that one can follow with book in hand.

(Personally, I very much enjoy stotra chanting with or without musical
background, so if someone knows a really good source for such recordings
outside India -- perhaps even in Europe -- I'd be grateful for that
information, too.)

Martin Gansten

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