Asko.Parpola at Asko.Parpola at
Thu Mar 20 09:30:21 UTC 1997

>In response to the enquiries from Jim Hartzell and David Magier about my
>August 1994 list of Documentary Films and Videos on South Asian Religion:
>no, I haven't updated it since (life has been too busy), though I have
>occasionally thought about it and would welcome any additional material or
>offers of help.  The original list is still available at the ANU Coombs
>server at the following URL:
>Geoffrey Samuel
>current address (to 8/97)
>Dept of Sociology and Anthropology
>University of Newcastle
>NSW 2308, Australia
>sogbs at

I tried to look at this, got to the site, but none of the links (Hinduism,
etc.) could be opened.

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