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Allen Thrasher athr at loc.gov
Wed Mar 19 15:18:04 UTC 1997

More information on Lathyrus:  I looked again at the Thompon and Morgan
catalog, and L. sativus is indeed blue: "Small sweet pea flowers of azure
blue.  Occasionally with a tinge of pink."  They include a logo to
indicate the whole genus is poisonous, so I guess I can save a stamp.

Allen Thrasher

On Mon, 17 Mar 1997, Allen Thrasher wrote:

> About Lathyrus and lathyrism:
> Lathyrus as I recall is a famine crop raised in drought and consumed when
> nothing else will grow, only to be used when the alternative is
> starvation, because of the known danger not only of paralysis but of gross
> permanent twisting of the limbs.  I read at least a decade ago that an
> Indian researcher had developed a way of cooking it that neutralised its
> dangers.  Coincidentally I noticed in the catalog of the great British
> seed company Thompson and Morgan a few days ago that they are offering
> several species of Lathyrus as ornamental plants.  This reminds me I
> should write to suggest to them they include a warning not to sample the
> pods out of curiosity.
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