kalaaya (was: question)

Allen Thrasher athr at loc.gov
Mon Mar 17 16:00:43 UTC 1997

About Lathyrus and lathyrism:

Lathyrus as I recall is a famine crop raised in drought and consumed when
nothing else will grow, only to be used when the alternative is
starvation, because of the known danger not only of paralysis but of gross
permanent twisting of the limbs.  I read at least a decade ago that an
Indian researcher had developed a way of cooking it that neutralised its
dangers.  Coincidentally I noticed in the catalog of the great British
seed company Thompson and Morgan a few days ago that they are offering
several species of Lathyrus as ornamental plants.  This reminds me I
should write to suggest to them they include a warning not to sample the
pods out of curiosity.

Allen W. Thrasher

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