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Tue Mar 11 13:52:54 UTC 1997

At  2:48 PM 97.3.10 +0000, Adrian Burton wrote:
>Could this usage in astronomical texts be related to the use of "Ripu" for
>the sixth astrological house?   The MS in question is not an astrological
>treatise, but was copied for the personal library of Sawai Jai Singh II of
>Jaipur, the famous astronomer.

The association of ripu (or its synonyms) with the number 6 most probably
originated from the concept of 'the six enemies of a man' mentioned before
on this list, while the attributes assigned to the twelve astrological
'houses' in, for example, Varaahamihira's BRhajjaataka (20th adhyaaya on
bhaava) seem to have come from Greek (or Western) astrology. A fairly good
correspondence betweeen the Greek and the Sanskrit attributes of the twelve
houses is known to exist.  Vettius Valens of the second century, for
example, assigned several attributes, such as 'slaves, injury, enmity,
suffering, and weakness,' to the sixth house.  The Indian attribute,
'enemy', for the sixth house seems to be based on one of these, namely,

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