Urdu TTF

Tobias Grote-Beverborg grotebev at uni-duesseldorf.de
Mon Mar 10 10:32:52 UTC 1997

Dear Mister Pandey!

Thank You so much for providing me with that excellent link.
It's more than I ever expected to get and I absolutely agree with You that
it's a real gem!!
Yours gratefully

At 21:33 07.03.1997 GMT, Anshuman Pandey wrote:
>Although I do not know of a standalone TrueType font for Urdu, you might
>want to have a look at Sadaf for Windows, a word-processor which uses two
>Nasta`liq TTF fonts to produce the Urdu output. This program is a real gem
>as it produces the Nasta`liq output as you type it in, ligatures and all.
>The URL for the Sadaf page is:
>			http://www.pak.net/link1.htm
>A free copy of Sadaf for Windows may be obtained from the above site.
>*I am in no way associated with Sadaf for Windows, except for the fact
>that I think it's a real beaut! :-) *
>Anshuman Pandey
>University of Washington
>apandey at u.washington.edu

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