Lodra rajputs and govardhana

Dr. S.Kalyanaraman MDSAAA48 at giasmd01.vsnl.net.in
Mon Mar 10 02:16:34 UTC 1997

Lodorvaa is a town 16 kms. northwest of Jaisalmer and is of greater antiquity than the
more well-known Jaisalmet which was established only in 1156 A.D. The traditional
view is that Lodra rajputs were of Paramaara rajput descent. 

Lodorvaa has yielded govardhana inscriptions dated to 913 A.D. referring to a Bhadruka.
Govardhana is a pillar enshrined with four images on four sides: brahmaa,
viSNu, ziva and suurya. 
Are there other places in NW India with such govardhanas? Why are such pillars
called govardhana?
Regards. Kalyanaraman.

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