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At  7:15 PM 97.3.5 +0000, Richard Salomon wrote:
>Lists of words used in chronograms are given in:
>        1. P. V. Kane, History of Dharmasastra V, pt.1, pp. 701-3.
>        2. G. Bu:hler, Indian Paleography..., 84-6.
>        3. D. C. Sircar, Indian Epigraphy, pp. 230-3.

To this list the following may be added:

        4.  B. Datta and A. N. Singh, History of Hindu Mathematics, Part 1,
pp. 54--57,

which lists 'ari' for 6 (not for 3).  Mahaaviira's GaNitasaarasaMgraha
(SaMjJaadhikaara 53--62) mentioned by Dominik has also a long list of word
numerals (bhuutasaMkhyaas), but unfortunately it does not contain ripu or
its synonyms.

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