Sat Mar 1 23:11:19 UTC 1997


-Narahari Achar

>From:	IN%"indology at"  1-MAR-1997 12:58:48.41
>Subj:	RE: Indo-Germanic
>	In India the problem is that people do not connect the "aryan" 
>	with fascism. That is after all a European phenomenon. How will 
>	you convince your Indian colleagues to go easy on the term "Aryan"? 
>	Their aryans are, after all, their legitimate forefathers. 
>	^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>	Somehow, you would be forcing upon them a moral dilemma for which 
>	they are not responsible to begin with.
>Lars,  I do appreciate your sympathetic statements above... but I have
>trouble with the marked line above...  as a traditional Indian,  I would 
>refuse to see the term "Arya" in any genealogical/lineal/racial sense as 
>implied above.  Acceptance or rejection of the Vedic heritage doesn't
>affect this.
>On the other hand, as modern Indians (dis)abused by Indology ;-) 
>at least a good many of us would deny any Aryan forefathership
>claiming Dravidian/Australoid or whatever.
>Anyway, inspired by all of this,  I wrote this ponderous verse:
>	We're Aryans fair and true
>	Shout some Northies out of da blue
>	But,  we're in there too
>	Chime the Southies along a few
>	Dravidians we stand proud
>	Claim a chunk of the rest aloud
>	Damn it, for crying out loud
>	It's all an Indology shroud 
>	Whine the rest of us mongrels, a crowd. 

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