Srinivasan Pichumani srini at
Sat Mar 1 18:53:27 UTC 1997

	In India the problem is that people do not connect the "aryan" 
	with fascism. That is after all a European phenomenon. How will 
	you convince your Indian colleagues to go easy on the term "Aryan"? 
	Their aryans are, after all, their legitimate forefathers. 
	Somehow, you would be forcing upon them a moral dilemma for which 
	they are not responsible to begin with.

Lars,  I do appreciate your sympathetic statements above... but I have
trouble with the marked line above...  as a traditional Indian,  I would 
refuse to see the term "Arya" in any genealogical/lineal/racial sense as 
implied above.  Acceptance or rejection of the Vedic heritage doesn't
affect this.

On the other hand, as modern Indians (dis)abused by Indology ;-) 
at least a good many of us would deny any Aryan forefathership
claiming Dravidian/Australoid or whatever.

Anyway, inspired by all of this,  I wrote this ponderous verse:

	We're Aryans fair and true
	Shout some Northies out of da blue
	But,  we're in there too
	Chime the Southies along a few
	Dravidians we stand proud
	Claim a chunk of the rest aloud
	Damn it, for crying out loud
	It's all an Indology shroud 
	Whine the rest of us mongrels, a crowd. 


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