Aeronautics in Ancient India?

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Vidooshakah uvaca :-

>Namaste! In a message dated 97-06-27 16:08:50 EDT, 
>N. S. Raja  wrote:
><<< The claim that "there are no manuscripts of the
> work and it must therefore be a fabrication"
> is not, by itself, logically valid.>>>
>Indeed.  I pray that they do not shut down some universities now that a 
basic flaw in how most modern research is conducted has been revealed!  
>Om Shanti

namo namah! Dan Quayle talking about brains, Newt Gingrich talking about 
ethics, Rush Limbaugh talking about liberalism, Pol Pot talking about 
Ahimsa, your talking about logic, Nick Leeson talking about ethics in 
financial, is this meaningful?
There is an interesting anecdote about Tirukodikkaval Krishna Iyer,
a well known Carnatic vocalist of yesteryears. After a concert, somebody 
whom Krishna Iyer knew to be completely ignorant of Carnatic
music went up to him( Krishna Iyer) and congratulated him. Krishna Iyer 
raised his voice and yelled:" Call me names if you want to,
slap me accross the face if you want to,do anything other than 
complimenting me about my music. An ignoramus like you complimenting me 
about my music is a greater insult than having somebody spit on me."
  On another occasion, another person who was ignorant of music
walked upto him and said "Your performance seems to have improved since 
last time." Pat came Krishna Iyers answer:"My performance has remained 
at the same level, it is your understanding that has improved since last 
time which is why you are able to appreciate my music better."

Likewise,Maharajan! Your talking about logic is illogical and 
meaningless. On the other hand, if you have actually come to the level
where you can appreciate other peoples logic, hats off to you, 
Maharajadhiraja! Your I.Q. has certainly DECREASED!


P.S: I know some of you must be wondering as to how I.Q. can decrease
and people make more meaningful statements than before! The riddle can 
be solved if I inform you that ordinary human beings possess 
intelligence, so we talk about their I.Q(Intelligence Quotient).
But since TVs, Computers and self-styled *Royals*( also called 
pretenders to the throne) possess no intelligence, one is forced to talk 
about "idiocy quotient"( also called IQ) when refering to them.
Therefore,it is possible for ones IQ to decrease and still make more
meaningful statements then before!;-),;-)

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