Aeronautics in Ancient India?

Vidyasankar Sundaresan vidya at
Sat Jun 28 00:45:23 UTC 1997

> <<< The claim that "there are no manuscripts of the
>  work and it must therefore be a fabrication"
>  is not, by itself, logically valid.>>>
> Indeed.  I pray that they do not shut down some universities now that a basic
> flaw in how most modern research is conducted has been revealed!  :)

Your concern is touching, but the flawed argument does not necessarily
have major consequences. It is well-known that an argument may be
logically invalid, but the inference itself could still be true. Seocndly,
"there are no manuscripts of the work, so *I suspect* it is a fabrication"
is a perfectly valid attitude to take in research. Without such an
attitude, people will waste their time on wild goose chases. 


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