Aeronautics in Ancient India?

Robert J. Zydenbos zydenbos at
Fri Jun 27 10:18:29 UTC 1997

jm> When certain people cannot defend their point of view, which they
jm> seem to want to do with their egos, they begin spewing ridicule,
jm> insults and defamation.

"Jyotishi / Om Shanti" is of course our good
old Jai Maharaj again. Someone else (shame that I dont' remember who -
brilliant tip!) already had suggested here that we should have a look at
the document - the Jai Maharaj
Frequently Asked Questions Sheet. I suggest that this be made compulsory
reading for Indology list members. JM surely knows what he's talking
about, when he mentions egos and ridicule - the above-mentioned text
documents quite seriously high-level ego stuff. Fine bedtime reading.
(It says Jai Maharaj is not a Vedic astrologer at all, but merely a kook
who bothers lists because he wants attention. Is this so?)


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