Dome in Mosque Architecture originated in India before Islam

bpj at bpj at
Thu Jun 26 22:00:25 UTC 1997

At 01:36 25.6.1997, Michael Rabe wrote:
>Dear Sudheer,
>I'd intended to reply earlier, but this second posting is an invitation to
>rifle something off the top, rather than tracking down the necessary
>Basically, I think you are mistaken in your belief that architectural
>vaulting that incorporates the _true arch_ or dome was known in India prior
>to  the Islamic period!
>The much early Buddhist stupas were solid core mounds of brick, later
>dressed with stone revetments: they did not make use of voussoirs, or
>wedge-shaped blocks that distribute weight along a curvilinear arch.

Isn't the Pantheon at Rome the eldest example of this?  IIRC it is held
that many now lost Roman buildings had domes.


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