One last plea re. Accent

JR Gardner jgardner at
Wed Jun 25 21:18:01 UTC 1997

I realize I'm bordering on spam, but the riddle of accent and meaning
draws me deeper and like a gambler with a "sure bet"-- I'm hooked now that
I've invested so much time.

First, many thanks to Peter Wyzlic, Ashok Aklujkar, Michael Witzel, 
Avinash Sathaye, and George Thompson for their help.

Following their leads, I'm looking for a reference Peter kindly
passed on, related to the du.s.ta.h 'sabda.h..." passage in Patan~jali's 
MahaabhaaSya, beginning with "mantro hiina.h...", which he indicates  is
to be found in the Paa.niniiya'sik.saa (karika 52 or so--I cannot locate 
this resource in sufficient time here in Iowa). Reputedly, its
origin has been traced in the '  I would be interested
in teh citation of this passage, the relevant text itself, and ANY related
citations of it in other literature as my efforts in the
VaidikapadaanukramakoSa have been fruitless--or too ambiguous--with  the
info at hand.

With promises to both repay all favor debts, and be dutifully silent for
at least a month or so after completing this portion of my research-- With
respectful thanks as well,


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