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This is regarding Jayadevas Gita Govinda and its translations:

Among Indian authoresses who have attempted to take a look at the "Gita 
Govinda", we have Kapila Vatsyayan and Monika Verma. A perusal of Kapila 
Vatsyayanas works would be interesting in that it compares Bundi and 
Mewari Versions of the Gita Govinda. She has also written
up a book on the Assamese pictorial depiction of the Gita Govinda.

I also have a question for people who are interested in the Gita 

Jayadeva is variously depicted as having been a native of Orissa
and Bengal( since there is a village called Kendubilva , the village
where Jayadeva lived in both states) or of KErala, since there is a 
popular style of singing in Kerala called "sOpAnageetham" which utilises 
Jayadevas Ashtapadis. My question is:
Has this question been satisfactorily resolved ? Is it now known for 
sure as to which place he belonged to?

At 02:46 PM 6/25/97 BST, you wrote:
In the course of my own reading of Jayadeva's Gitagovinda I found it 
very interesting to follow translations (I have Keyt's, Miller's, 
Gurudas Mukhopadhyay's - which is rather indebted to the two earlier 
ones;ofcourse I know of William Jones' one) how they often depart from 
the original, leaving out unclear passages or just saying something 
else. I sort of got the wish to collect as many translations of this 
work as possible into English and would be interested to know about 
translations into other non-Indian languages as well.   Any reference 
much welcome.


Jakub Cejka

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