Arithmetic in Urdu or Hindi?

Manoj Kumar Mishra kumarm at
Tue Jun 17 15:12:21 UTC 1997

> Mon,  9 Jun 1997 Ruth Laila Schmidt asked:
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> >Dear colleagues,
> >
> >Has anyone seen children's arithmetic textbooks which have the numerals 
> >in
> >Urdu characters or Devanagari characters? The ones I have seen all use
> >western numerals even if the text is in Urdu or Hindi.
> >
> >Also, has anyone seen any arithmetical signs (plus, minus etc.) used in
> >textbooks which are not the western variety?
> >
> >Thanks for the information.
> >
> >Ruth Schmidt

Yes. In fact I learned all my arithmetic using the textbooks with Hindi
And about arithmetic signs, we used +, -, x, /. But we also used a
different kind of sign for division. I do not know if that sign is of
Indian origin or Western origin.


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