Arithmetic in Urdu or Hindi?

Klaus Karttunen KJKARTTU at
Tue Jun 17 15:57:29 UTC 1997

Mon,  9 Jun 1997 Ruth Laila Schmidt asked:
>Dear colleagues,
>Has anyone seen children's arithmetic textbooks which have the numerals 
>Urdu characters or Devanagari characters? The ones I have seen all use
>western numerals even if the text is in Urdu or Hindi.
>Also, has anyone seen any arithmetical signs (plus, minus etc.) used in
>textbooks which are not the western variety?
>Thanks for the information.
>Ruth Schmidt
Well,I have not seen any children's arithmetic textbooks, but still have 
something to contribute. In the 1950s Raghu Vira headed a committee 
developing modern scientific terminology for Hindi and the results were 
published in a series of dictionaries and glossaries. Years ago I saw 
one of them including a number of mathematical (not only arithmetic) 
terms and formulas in Hindi/Devanagari.
P.S. I have no references at hand and have to rely on my memory.

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