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What do you mean when you say Indian Windows? I am doing research on Indian
Archaeology, and in the end am interested in creating a multimedia
presentation on it. Does that interest you ?


>Dear Members,
>I have been and will be working on a 'multimedia presentation /
publication' on
>INDIAN WIDOWS. In very short, I plan to combine the results of
>fieldwork, a literature study, slides/photography and video in a multimedia
>production (apart from presenting the 'ingredients' separately).
>In connection with this plan, I would be grateful for some help:
>* I collect as much information (scientific, historical, novels etc.) on
>widows as possible. If you have references, that would be very helpful.
>* I would like to have addresses of organizations (NGO's etc) in India
>for/with Indian widows. I would like to visit several organizations and learn
>about their experiences.
>By combining text, graphics, images, souns, animation and video,
multimedia can
>provide a strong and efficient way of transmitting information. I would
like to
>know from people having experience in the field of multimedia, whether there
>are good reference guides on multimedia productions.
>Thanks in advance for your help,
>With kind regards,
>Mirjam Letsch
>Schoterdijk 1
>8538 RL Bantega
>The Netherlands
>e-mail: letsch at

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