Winword 97 diacritics-problems

Birgit Kellner kellner at
Mon Jun 16 14:33:52 UTC 1997

I have recently upgraded a computer to (Japanese) Windows 95 and find
that Winword 97 behaves quite erratically with my diacritics fonts. Two

(1) Previously, I used a slight modification of Norman-TTFs with Word 6.
I have transported some macros to Winwrd 97, which I use to convert my
documents into ASCII-diacritics-conventions (Kyoto-Harvard and such). I
find, now, when I run those macros which convert ASCII-documents into
(slightly modified) NORMAN-TTFs that certain characters just won't
display right. These are always the same characters, and I am starting
to suspect that Winword 97 has some secret rule about character
positions. Might this have anything to do with the lauded implementation
of Unicode? Or is it, again, a by-product of two-byte-encoding? Just to
stress this: Characters are rightly treated (I can search for them with
the correct ANSI-numbers), but not properly displayed. The only way to
get them right is by manually overwrite them ...

(2) I have transported a group of documents which share a template from
Winword 6 to Word 97. Some of the diacritics display as rectangles. Even
when I try to input them manually, they only come out as rectangles. The
character table displays rectangles in their position as well. The only
way to get them right is to manually paste them into the document from
some other file. 

Is is possible that the modifications I have carried out with Norman
have resulted in low quality, and that the erratic behaviour described
above simply expresses Winword's contempt for my poorly designed fonts? 

On top of all this, since yesterday, standard-viewing has decided to
display all fonts as Courier. The layout-mode displays as it should, so
what's wrong now?

I would really appreciate hints from other Word-users who may have had
similar experiences. Replies via privae e-mail are perhaps more
appropriate, I could then post information of general interest to the
list later on. 

Thanks in advance. 

Birgit Kellner
Department for Indian Philosophy
Hiroshima University

> From letsch at 16 97 Jun +0100 15:44:00
Date: 16 Jun 97 15:44:00 +0100
From: letsch at (Mirjam Letsch)
Subject: Indian Widows + Multimedia

 * Original to: H-ASIA at (2:280/810.999)
 * Four carbon copies

Dear Members,

I have been and will be working on a 'multimedia presentation / publication' on
INDIAN WIDOWS. In very short, I plan to combine the results of anthropological
fieldwork, a literature study, slides/photography and video in a multimedia
production (apart from presenting the 'ingredients' separately).

In connection with this plan, I would be grateful for some help:


* I collect as much information (scientific, historical, novels etc.) on Indian
widows as possible. If you have references, that would be very helpful.

* I would like to have addresses of organizations (NGO's etc) in India working
for/with Indian widows. I would like to visit several organizations and learn
about their experiences.


By combining text, graphics, images, souns, animation and video, multimedia can
provide a strong and efficient way of transmitting information. I would like to
know from people having experience in the field of multimedia, whether there
are good reference guides on multimedia productions.

Thanks in advance for your help,

With kind regards,


Mirjam Letsch
Schoterdijk 1
8538 RL Bantega
The Netherlands
e-mail: letsch at

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